In Portugal, Quimialmel has a residues department, acting this way also in another phase of life cycle of the products from certain sectors of the transforming industry.
Initially the goal of the department was to offer to its clients specialized solutions to meet their needs in a correct environmental way, providing a diversified, effective and complete service in the residues area being the ideal partner for the global management of them. Particularly:

Global Waste Management: identification of the produced wast in a specific unit, sensibilizacion/formacion actions that allow the adoption of separation and collecting systems, providing appropriate equipment to separacion/sorting at the origin.

Forwarding of Industrial Waste to Licensed Destinations: that may be own Quimialmel facilities, working as temporary storage (R12 to authorised waste) or direct forwarding to any other licensed destination (in Portugal or abroad).

Transportation of Hazardous Industrial Waste and Non-Hazardous Waste: can be included in overall management or only acting in terms of transport, in specific cases where producer already has the availability of acceptance of their waste in an authorised consignee.

Always aware of the importance of recycling, and considering that we were exporting raw materials to a sector that had great demand in Portugal, the residues department started in 2015 a new activity: Aluminium Foundry with the production of secondary aluminium ingots.
This way, Quimialmel presents itself on the market not only as a manager of residues but as a manager/recycler of residues.
The core-business of the department continues to be so non-ferrous metals, with aluminium having a privileged place, in its use in the casting of aluminium and exports of surplus of this scrap, but also copper, zinc, lead, have a significant role in our exports.