According to Law 34/2002, of 11th July, concerning Information Society Services and Electronic Commerce, we kindly inform you that:

1. Subject

For Art. 10 LSSI: This Privacy Policy includes the following domaines on the internet belonging to QUIMIALMEL GRUPO. You can check them out here: Quimialmel Grupo Domains.

For this issue our contact phone number is +34964342626 and the e-mail address is

This Legal Notice standardises the use of this domaine

In order to navigate this website the User must accept conditions on this Notice as well as our policies about « Data and Privacy Protection » and « Cookies Policy ». In case there are some services and other tools included on this website requering especial conditions, they will be at the disposal of the User.
On the other hand, Quimialmel Grupo, on behalf of its service providers, notifies that contents, services and conditions of use on our webpage can be modified without prior notice.

2. Conditions of Use

Users commit to provide real and complete information about their identity when registration is necessary. Besides, they commit to update their personal data provided to the domain owner. Therefore, the users are the only responsible for any falseness or inaccuracy.
In case of under age, permission from parents, guardians or legal representatives is compulsory for accessing the services. QUIMIALMEL GRUPO is not responsable for any fake and inaccurate data on this issue.

This “website” can be used only for legal purposes so users must navigate the website in a fair way and, according to these Conditions of Use, the website’s services must no be used for any activities which are contrary to the Spanish legislation, morals and disorderly conduct. The User is responsible for any damages derived from illegal practices without limitation against the domain owner or third parties:

  • To manipulate or modify this webpage without the domain owner’s consent. The domain owner is not responsible for any manipulation or variation by third parties.
  • To develop any activity that damages, renders or overloads the Portal and services and to avoid the normal use by the Users.
  • To introduce computing programmes, data, defective files, virus, malware computing or telecommunication software damaging the website, the services or any other information systems belonging to the domain owner.
  • To violate third party privacy rights, own image, data and communication protection and intellectual and industrial property.
  • To hid or falsify the origin of e-mails.
  • To use fake identities, to impersonate the identity of others when using the website or other services.
  • To reproduce, distribute, modify or copy the content on this webpage, except when an authorization from the domain owner is provided or it is legally authorized.
  • To transfer Users names and access passwords to non-authorized third parties.

Quimialmel Grupo is not responsable for the Links to other third party’s internet webpages. For this reason, this does not mean that our group accepts their contents and services. These webpages are neither monitored by Quimialmel Grupo nor supported by this Privacy Policy. Whether you access these external webpages through those links, operators may collect your personal information. Please make sure you agree with these third webpages’ Privacy Policies before providing any kind of personal information.

In general, the domain owner is not responsible for damages coming from the webpage and violation of intellectual and industrial property rights by users and lack of veracity, accuracy and content update. The domain owner is not responsible for service interruptions, inappropriate working or impossibility to access the services.

The domain owner is not responsible for damages resulting from virus or detrimental software that may cause changes on the User’s computer equipment.
The website, in an expository manner but not limited, its programming, designs, trademark, text and graphics are property of the provider or there is a license or express permission from the authors.
No matter their purpose, partial or total reproduction, use, exploitation, distribution and commercialisation requires prior written permission from the domain owner.

The user is committed not to act against the author’s intellectual and industrial property rights.

The provider authorises specifically third parties to direct contents from this website. They must in any case redirect to the provider’s main website.

3. Use of cookies

Quimialmel Grupo, on behalf of its services providers, confirms that it uses authomatic procedures to collect information in order to register the Users surfing this webpage. Please click here to access our Cookies Policy.

4. Data Protection

You can check our personal data protection policy here:

5. Rules for the use of social networks

The use of Quimialmel Grupo’s blogs and social networks pages (Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn) and our blog on are subject to the following terms and conditions of use.

Our aim is to provide useful and interesting content about our organization and to encourage an open, transparent and respectful dialogue regarding all questions and topics brought up by users.
Social networks are open tools and therefore it does not make sense to restrict comments, posts, images, etc. For his reason, users are the only responsible for the content they provide. We are not responsible for the opinions published by users and the veracity and accuracy of the content uploaded by them.

As a matter of fact, we emphasize that social networks are property of each provider. We do not use them as the rest of users. We stablish confidential profiles and rules of use whenever possible but always from the user’s point of view.
It is necessary to respect some basic rules in order to make this channel useful for everyone. Please read these rules carefully before participating :

  • Social networks are public and users understand that the content they publish can be seen by other users with the specific restrictions determined by themselves and those added by the tool by default on their privacy profiles.
  • All opinions, comments, and news published by the user must contribute to information exhange. In no case will controversy or disqualifications be permitted. If this happened, we reserve the right to remove the post from our profile. In fact, we will remove any kind of illegal information that may cause damage to us or to the rest of users.
  • The information introduced by the User shoud not be redundant. Bear in mind that your comments must be related to the webpage’s purposes.
  • It is forbidden to use this profile for business activities, professional promotions or general advertisement. It is also forbidden to use this profile for job searching.
  • If the User publishes any own material such as pictures, texts, etc. he or she must be aware of the fact that by doing this they are authorasing us to use this material. We kindly remind you that also other users may access this material through social networks. We commit to quote the author of the material in case we use it sometime in the future.
  • Logos, corporate information and general content published by us are property of Quimialmel Grupo and we reserve property and intellectual rights indeed. Users must respect these principles

6. Legislation appicable

These conditions will be ruled by European Legislation at all times.