The quality and respect for the environment are prerequisites for Quimialmel.

The respect for our natural environment along with the quality of our products and services represent the mainstay of our company.


Nature offers to man a range of natural resources to be used and processed in materials, products and advanced technologies at the service of society, thus ensuring the development of our social system translated in an improvement of the duality of life.

For this reason, Quimialmel acquires a commitment to respect and protect the environment through internal policies of prevention and management of all resources.


In the same way, the most important factor is focus on the customer, listening and responding to their needs, ensuring that they receive what they want, when, where and how.

An important part of its human resources and materials guarantees the quality of the products, services and solutions marketing, in the various areas where operates, making them reliable, secure, competitive and sustainable, ensuring the complete satisfaction of all stakeholders.

The implementation and certification of the Quality Management System in 2004 appear as fundamental instruments for the achievement of the Mission and company Policy.

Quimialmel – Quimicos e Minerais, Lda. is certified by Bureau Veritas according to norm NP EN ISO 9001.

In 2015, due to the new foundry business area, Quimialmel changed the scope of the Quality Management System, staying like this:

  • Commercialization of Chemicals, Minerals and Metals.
  • Manufacture of Chemical and Auxiliary Products for the Industry.
  • Non-Ferrous Foundry to Produce Secondary Aluminium Ingots.
  • Waste Management.

Being the main objective of our Quality Management System the implementation of work methodologies developed to support all departments and activities, with a view to ensuring the reliability of the products and services provided and sustained growth of the company.

In addition to the Quality Management System implemented according to norm NP EN ISO 9001, Quimialmel has also implemented a HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point) whose main objective is to provide the best solutions in terms of hygiene and control of food quality in the products we supply, involving the operations of reception, storage and transport of raw materials and additives.

In accordance with the company’s mission the Quimialmel Direction undertakes to promote the success of the following Quality Policy:

  • Obtain the full satisfaction of our customers by providing them products and services according to their needs and requirements, creating a partnership relationship to maintain a rigorous market update.
  • Offer to our customers specialized solutions in the different areas of the company thus constituting an added value for the customer, being also a factor of competitiveness and differentiation in the market we operate.
  • Stimulate teamwork and encourage the involvement of all, ensuring the quality requirements, with the suppliers and stakeholders help, monitoring customer satisfaction, promoting and dynamizing partnership relationships.
  • Promote training and awareness programs and constant motivation, updating and participation of workers, by providing them the necessary and adequate skills to obtain a good performance of the tasks inherent to their functions.
  • Accomplish the requirements of the Quality Management System, systematically evaluating its results and implementing actions that contribute to the continuous improvement of its effectiveness and to economic and financial stability, based on efficient and rigorous management.
  • Accomplish the regulatory requirement as well as the legal and the regulatory requirements applicable to its area of activity.

Quality Policy Quimialmel Quimicos e Minerais


With regard to chemicals and minerals that are raw materials and additives for animal nutrition, Quimialmel to enter in this “Market Area” has got to provide the follow:

  • Develop new skills in order to fulfil the established legal obligations in effect within the Community and National Legislation;
  • Remodel the premises so as to store these products adequately;
  • Register at the National Veterinary Service (DGAV) as Distributor (αPT IAAI33IT), Operator/Receptor (V-PAA30446) and Importer (PT-3AAI97IP);
  • Establish preventive and control measures, which would allow us to guarantee Food Safety in the products supplied to our clients.

Quimialmel offers products for feed products manufactures, premixtures and nutritional correctors for animal feed, based on the supply of raw materials and additives.

Individual Identification Number αPT3AA08674