Quimialmel Portugal, was founded in 1993, employing all its sales efforts mainly in the ceramic, paint, glass and galvanizing industries. Later, step by step, it has been expanding its range of products, always seeking to diversify its area of operation.

The main facilities are located in Albergaria-a-Velha, a city in the district of Aveiro, about 50 km from Porto and 250 km from Lisbon, with an area of 70 000 000 m2, with 20 000 m2 of covered area, which allow us for investment in other business areas.

Quimialmel Portugal has an office in Lisbon.

Quimialmel is proud to be now a business reality getting a strong presence, consolidated in various domestic and international markets, selling almost all kinds of raw materials base for the major industrial sectors, and in some of them leading marketplace.

Nowadays the chemical industry has become an essential element in the improvement in the quality of planets life. The raw materials resources extracted from nature, allow the manufacture and development of new products and new technologies at the service of society, turn easy and improve the social welfare.

Quimialmel, aware of this fact, has geared its products to the main market segments, as ceramics, glass, painting, plastics, metallurgy, chemical industry, feed, galvanizing, mortar and cement cola, foundry, among others.